Cap Sicie - Spots

  1. Les Coudouliere
    Beautiful bay just south of Pointe Negre. Here the waves are about one meter higher than at Brutal Beach and have a lot of space in between them. The wind is usually a bit onshore from the northwest. In the middle of the bay you'll find behind a pier a small harbour. On it's right there's a narrow beach (gravel) that stretches out untill Pointe Negre. Here you're able to start your surfsession, because it's the conditions are more moderate here. But be aware of the powerful waves near the exit of the port.

  2. Brutal Beach
    This spot is about one kilometer long and has breakwaters at every 100 meters. The subdivide this spot into five sections. The last and most left section is the most radical one with a surf up to three meters high.

  3. Le Brusc
    When there's calm in Almanarre you'll find enough planing wind in this spot. This is because the spot is located on the most southern point of the peninsula Cap Sicie. Here nothing can stop the Mistral wind from blowing. There's are always flatwater conditions, caused by the nearby island Iles de Embiez.